Premium Quality Cosco Step Stool for Great Home Furniture

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Cosco Step StoolFor more than 65 years, Cosco Home and Office Products continues to lead the industry. It is the largest producer of folding furniture, step stools and ladders. From the beginning, the production of tin match boxes, has introduced Cosco. It  produces innovative products with tremendous value and quality that stands the test of time. Cosco Inc. comes with common matchbox tray discovery of new games with providing a place for this purpose. In 1941, we introduced a patent for metal kitchen stool.

Cosco offers a line of office furniture is a successful and highly innovative with established premium table and chairs. This is as well as tables and chairs are available in wood, steel, or a combination of both. Cosco step stool is available in the office furniture business and industry is not available through retail outlets.

Cosco Step Stool

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Cosco step stool is a great addition to anyone in the house, garage or work space. This seat design comes with a two-step with the continued strong metal rear leg support for added strength and is also characterized by mating and feet slip-resistant front for ease of use. It has the steps of feces also ribbed texture to help prevent slip and fall accidents. Folding bench is easily portable from one job to another and is able to be folded and stored away without taking up much space.

Cosco Step Stool